How to get learner permit

By John Hussey
01 Dec 2018

Learning the road rules

Before you can drive, learn the road rules and the earlier the better. Bottom line. It's driver courtesy and care that makes our roads safer and reduces the risk of crashes. Learn and practice road rules as a passenger. Check out MyLicence eNews and watch how other young learner drivers get their experience. When you're a passenger in the car, notice what your driver and other drivers do. This is a great time to observe the defensive driving skills of others on the road.

You'll be asked questions on important road rules and safety. Study up, because each attempt to pass the theory test incurs a fee. If you fail you can retry, but it will cost you again. You must pass to get your learner's permit.

The test has two parts;

Part A - Give Way diagrams. Eight diagram questions where you decide which vehicle or pedestrian is required to give way in each diagram. And all eight questions must be answered correctly before you can try Part B.
Part B - Multiple choice. Answer 42 multiple choice questions on the road rules and safety.

To pass the real test you must get all 8 give-way questions right and at least 32 of the 42 multiple-choice questions.

Practice Learner's Theory Test

Practice Learner's Theory test on before taking the test. DK Tests provides a platform to practice or take mock Learner's License tests.

After Passing Learner's Theory Test

If you pass, you can apply for your learner's permit, on the spot.

  • You will receive a temporary permit.
  • A fee applies for your learner's permit.
  • Your photo learner's permit will be posted to you and is valid for two years.

Driver's licence and permit fees

Driver's licence and learner's permitConcessionFee
Driver's licence issue or renewal per year plus an administration fee of $17.00 (1 to 10 year licences available)$22.00$44.00
Provisional driver's licence first issue (issued for 3 years and includes a $17.00 administration fee)$83.00$149.00
Learner's permit first issue (only issued for 24 months) $61.00
Learner's permit renewal (9 months) $33.50
Rider Safe learner's permit (only issued for 24 months) $61.00


Administration fee for issue or renewal of driver's or provisional licence$17.00
Administration fee for expired licences
An additional fee is payable if you are applying for a driver's licence more than six months after your old licence has expired (payable in addition to the licence fee)
Duplicate or replacement driver's licence$17.00
Learner's theory test$35.00
The Driver's Handbook$10.00
Hazard perception test$31.00


Proof of age cardFee
Proof of age card - issue or replacement$22.00


Rider Safe motorcycle training course and permitFee
Level one - basic$358.00
Level two - advanced$318.00
Rider Safe learner's permit (only issued for 24 months)$61.00
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